• Minimum item price is 50 cents. Items priced other than 50 cent increments will be sold at the nearest 50 cent increment lower than the marked price (e.g. $2.75 will be sold at $2.50).
  • If you do NOT wish for your item to be sold at half-price on the last day of the sale, you must CIRCLE the price in RED. Any item whose price has not been circled in red will be sold at half price.


  • A general guide on how to price your items is 25-35% of the original price (65-75% off original price).
  • If your item is new or in like-new condition, you may be able to sell it at a higher price, especially if it still has the tags.
  • For large ticket items or for items that may need a little help selling, attach instruction manuals and/or print-outs from websites that include a photo, details about the item and the retail price (when possible), as it can help to facilitate the sale.

Price Guide


The following are examples for common brands such as Carters, GAP, Old Navy, OshKosh, Gymboree, etc. Boutique and European brands such as Strasburg, Oilily, Orient Expressed, Tea, Baby Lulu, etc., can be priced a little higher.

  • Play shirts and shorts: $1-4
  • Pajamas : $2-5
  • Nicer shirts and shorts : $3-8
  • Nice 2-piece outfits : $6-12
  • Jeans: $3-8
  • Nice Dresses: $6-15


  • Stroller prices vary greatly based on their condition, style, and features. Most strollers (excluding umbrella strollers) are priced between $20-$100, with double strollers possibly going higher.
  • Walkers and Bouncy Seats: $5-25
  • Exersaucers and Swings: $10-35
  • Car Seats: $15-60
  • Pack-n-Plays: $10-50

Books, etc.

  • Books: $1-4
  • DVDs: $1-8
  • Puzzles: $1-5
  • Games: $1-8


Items Accepted
Seller Tips