Items Accepted

The Five and Dime Kids Sale accepts most items related to babies and kids.

Items must be in excellent condition with no tears, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, odors, or stains. Only seasonally appropriate items will be accepted. All items will be screened during drop-off and any item that does not meet our high quality standard will not be accepted. Check your items in bright light as it is easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home.

  • Seasonally appropriate children's clothing (newborn to size 14) in excellent condition.
  • Seasonally appropriate children's shoes in excellent condition
  • Swimwear (Spring sale only)
  • Heavy coats, scarves, mittens/gloves, winter hats (Fall sale only)
  • Clothing accepted at both the spring and fall sales include: jeans and khakis (lightweight for spring), solid color Polo-style shirts (suitable for school uniforms), cardigan sweaters (lightweight for spring), jackets/raincoats (lightweight for sping), dress up items (lightweight for spring), socks, tights and underwear (in like new condition)
  • Hair accessories, hats, belts, etc.
  • LIMITS ON INFANT CLOTHING: There is a 30 item limit on infant clothing up to, but NOT including 6 months (i.e. 0-3 & 3-6). You may bring 30 items per gender between 0-6 mos. This does not include costumes, coats or swimwear.
  • Nursing Supplies (pumps, bottles, books, nursing pillows, etc.)
  • Feeding accessories (cups, dishes, utensils, bibs, etc.)
  • Nursery items (potty seats, baby monitors, towels, baby bathtubs, etc.)
  • Baby carriers (slings, front carriers, backpacks, etc.)
Bedding & Room Décor
  • Bedding sets, sheets, blankets, decorative pillows, etc.
  • Picture frames, rugs, clocks, mobiles, lamps, etc.
Toys, Games, Puzzles
  • That work properly
  • That include all pieces unless CLEARLY noted on tag
  • With working batteries for battery operated items
  • Stuffed animals in very good condition and odor free
Books, Videos, and DVD's
  • Books (infant, toddler, preschool, early reader, chapter, series, pregnancy, parenting, homeschool curriculum, etc.) that are not marked in and that do not have torn pages
  • Videos and DVDs that are original (NOT copied or recorded) and in good working order. (Note: Please be sure that the video or DVD matches its cover!)
  • Strollers, walkers, highchairs, exersaucers, swings, bouncers, bikes, outdoor play equipment, etc.
  • Toddler beds, twin beds, bassinets, mattresses, pack 'n' plays, changing tables, etc.
  • Children's furniture such as train tables, toy chests, table and chair sets, child size rockers, etc.
  • Car Seats that were manufactured less than 5 years ago, have not been involved in an accident, and have not been recalled. Sellers must call the manufacturer or visit to make sure that their seat does not need a replacement part or has not been recalled.
  • Due to the enormous amount of crib recalls, we are not accepting cribs at this time.
Items NOT Accepted
  • Clothing with missing buttons/snaps, tears/holes, stains or odors
  • Clothing or shoes that are unclean, out of style, or heavily worn
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Books with writing or torn pages
  • Bath seats with suctions cups
  • Cribs
  • Toys that do not work properly or that have broken or missing parts
  • Items have been recalled. Please visit to double check that you are not unintentionally selling a recalled item.

We reserve the right to remove items from the sales floor that do not meet our guidelines but were overlooked during the screening process.